Top 3 washing signs you should know:

Everyone knows the laundry signs that are attached to a fabric piece of clothing by the manufacturers. Sometimes they rub unpleasantly on the skin and you just want to cut them off, but they serve an important purpose.

We at liox cleaners, explain to you how you should properly care for the laundry so that it will give you pleasure for a long time to come.

1. Laundry sign for washing:

The category "washing" is represented by a washing tub, a so-called washing tub which has already been used for washing in the past. Today it stands for both items of washing with the washing machine and by hand.

If the washtub is crossed out, this means that the textile must not be washed at all.

Also, a number is specified in the washing tub, which determines the maximum permissible washing temperature (in degrees Celsius).

These require mechanically gentler treatment. In the case of a beam, the textile should be washed with a light-care or gentle-care program and half load, and at max. 600 revolutions per minute are gently spun. If the washing tub is underlined twice, particularly gentle treatment is required at a maximum of 1/3 load with an increased water level. In this case, you should refrain from spinning in the washing machine.

2. Laundry sign for bleaching:

Next comes the care symbol for bleaching: a triangle. This is available in 3 variants and explains whether the laundry may be bleached or not. Bleaching agents are included in many detergents and are designed to help remove dirt and stains, as well as yellowing of white textiles. It is usually worked with active chlorine or active oxygen.

If the triangle on the care label is empty, then you can always bleach with both chlorine and oxygen, so use any detergent without any problem.

3. Laundry sign for drying:

If you want to dry your clothes with a tumble dryer, you should pay attention to the 3rd sign of the laundry, because when drying with the machine, many things can go wrong because of the very high temperatures.

The dots contained in the drying drum will then indicate the drying process. One point stands for a gentle short drying at a maximum of 60 ° C, 2 points stand for drying at normal load and temperature (80 ° C). If the symbol is crossed out, the textile should not be dried in a tumble dryer, but rather in the air.

The best solution is to use liox cleaners, in case you are confused with the machine signs.



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