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Today in this post, your pool maintenance company in Toronto, ​​we want to give you some tips and recommendations so that the maintenance of your pool is not a tedious job. 

During the season, the pools need constant maintenance, in order to guarantee the quality of the bathroom and the safety of not contracting waterborne diseases. 

In Torontopoolservics, ​​we have a specialist team and the best products including pool fence so you can enjoy the bathing season without worries.

Chemicals used:

There are two products used in the maintenance of swimming pools during the season: chlorine and active oxygen. The first is used as a flocculant, bactericidal, clarifying and stabilizing the pH of the water. 

In the market, we also find multifunction chlorine without copper sulfates for polyester or liner pools, because it fulfills the same functions but does not damage the walls of this type of material. On the other hand, active oxygen has the same uses as chlorine but does not smell. It is colorless and harmless, does not irritate the skin or eyes and is not as aggressive, as is chlorine, with materials. 

From, ​​we always recommend reading the instructions for using both products so that they are effective and we do not run unnecessary risks to our health.

Other tasks:

Apart from using chlorine and active oxygen, we must also carry out other pool maintenance tasks in Toronto, ​​such as controlling the pH level, cleaning the pool with a clean bottom once a week, purifying the water for 8 hours daily. And use the dustpan to remove the leaves, insects, and in general all the solid dirt that can be deposited on the water.

Maintenance of a wooden pool:

Nowadays, more and more people opt for wooden pools thanks to the great advantages they offer. In addition, to functional, the designs of the wooden pools are very elegant and allow us to use them both in open and closed spaces.

The type of wood used to make these pools is natural as well as very resistant. Therefore it will hardly be damaged with the use or the passage of time. But like all structures, it needs some maintenance to stay in perfect condition.

It does not matter, what is the size and makes of your pool, we at torontopoolservices are expert in pool maintenance. We also offer the best pool heater repair at the most affordable prices.


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