What Are The Best Uses of Fume Hoods in A Lab Environment?

The laboratory fume hoods work as ventilation systems for providing personal protection against the toxic fumes, dust, and particulates. These systems come with the secondary function including the protection against the chemical spills, reactions, and fire mishaps.

In this article we’ll cover the uses of laboratory fume hoods.

Capture the harmful fumes in the ventilated fume hood

Many experiments and chemical reactions release hazardous gases, vapors, or fumes in the labs. These fumes can be fatal and non-lethal inside the chemical and bio labs. The primary purpose of the laboratory fume hood is elimination of exposure to volatile liquids, dust, and mist.

Support as a shield to stop the fumes from spreading further

The fume hoods also serve the purpose of preventing the fumes from the experiments escaping back into the laboratory environment. This way, we do not put the lives of researchers or scientists in grave danger for a long time.

Stop the radioactive experiments from causing severe side effects to the humans exposed to it

We use special purpose radioisotope fume hoods for Beta and Gamma radiation environments. Besides the general characteristics of a bench-top fume hood, radioisotope fume hoods have the work surface and interior lining with 304 stainless steel with coved seamless welded seams for easy cleaning and decontamination.

Prevent corrosion of the laboratory and accessories

In special cases involving perchloric acid based experiments, we use perchloric acid fume hoods. The fume hoods non-reactive and corrosion-resistant material is extended all the way through the exhaust system. The hood, duct, and fan have a water wash down system to remove perchlorates and prevent the build-up of potentially explosive perchlorate salts.


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