What is the difference between Autodesk and AutoCAD?

Future Gen Technologies, which is the best engineering training institute in Hyderabad for job-oriented professionals. It provides Autocad COURSE Training to the engineers, designers or construction professionals. Due to its highly effective teaching strategy, Future Gen Technologies is becoming the best Autocad Training institute in Hyderabad. But some professionals have a doubt regarding Autodesk and AutoCAD. To clear out that confusion, here we are representing the basic difference between Autodesk and AutoCAD. 

Autodesk is a company which has gone through several phases of life like manufacturing, engineering, construction, media, entertainment, etc. Through the multinational software corporation, Autodesk helps to create sophisticated software for graphic designers so that if they have rarely had any idea of work, they can accomplish the design by a strong creative process. And that software is called AutoCAD. There are many Autocad Training institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad which trains the professionals in this AutoCAD software. Although Future Gen Technology is an excellent Autocad Training Institute in Hyderabad, it also provides other courses also like BIM COURSE Training, Revit Architecture Training, Revit Structure Training, Revit Mep Training, etc. 

Autocad stands for Auto Computer-aided design, which is a software program generally used for 2-D as well as 3-D design and drafting format. This software is developed by Autodesk.inc. And AutoCAD was one of the CAD programs which could be executed on personal computers. This software is generally used to create blueprints for bridges, buildings, computer chips and many more. It just utilizes the efforts of several independent programs into a classic small product called AutoCAD. Considering its so much application, we are providing Autocad COURSE Training to the job professionals so that they can enhance their performance. 

So many people misunderstand the AutoCAD software as only 2-D software. But AutoCAD has facilities to design in both 2-D along with 3-D. Using 3-D design, we can learn to understand the total survey data, and able to make a surface model of it in 3D, which includes making a surface, earth cutting & filling volume calculations.

Our Revit Architecture training is completely different from Autocad course training and is built generally for architectural BIM (building information modeling), although it can import and export the AutoCAD used files.

Several Autodesk apps like iPhone, Android, etc. are making different design technologies, which are accessible to homeowners, professional designers, casual creators, and students who want to create as well as share their ideas with the world.

In the AutoCAD course training, we include other necessary tools which have access to the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry Collection. As a leading Autocad Training Institute in Hyderabad, we help you to navigate the changes and provide you with all the necessary information to make the best design.

Mainly Autodesk uses AutoCAD for building design, infrastructure design, manufacturing, factory layout, construction, product design, visual effects, modeling and animation, and rendering.

For a 3D print of an object, one can utilize AutoCAD and get a virtual 3D representation and then feed this design to the 3D printer. A 3D print has its own benefits for designers and here Autocad helps them. The AutoCAD ensures file compatibility so that the 2-D & 3-D designs can be exported to various preferred formats.

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