What texture and color are best to choose our synthetic grass?

In the different ranges of fake grass for outside, we find combined colors and different texture games, depending on which we choose.

Mixes of different shades:

The more mixed the colors and textures are, the more similar it will be to natural grass, in which blades of different greens and also browns and beige are shown.

Therefore, a type with this varied combination will offer much more naturalness. It is the one that is usually present in high-end models, to offer maximum realism and the best aesthetics.

More monochrome options:

Sometimes realism or naturalness is not sought so much and, simply, a more economical and monochrome product is required with which to cover a surface.

In that case, you can use models of more basic ranges and at a lower price, with monochrome tones, and without textures.

Soft texture and durability:

Fake grass for outside must be soft, but also durable, we should not choose very fine models for areas with a lot of traffic, as they can be damaged sooner.

Very fine filaments can be used in decorative and less traveled areas.

How is the grass that we are going to buy found?

The artificial grass that is bought comes in rolls, most of them are usually 2m wide. It is something that we must know, to take into account the extent to which they must be cut and to know that they have to be joined in sections.

It is a process that is always better done by professionals, that is why we recommend our installation experts since, at varinias.com, we are specialists in artificial grass installations. Contact us for the best Padel court quote Ibiza.


What does each model cover and offer?


It is important that the manufacturer is recognized and offers a good product warranty. Depending on the ranges of artificial grass, some conditions or others are offered. We must read the conditions and guarantee times of each model very well to choose the artificial grass that best suits our needs.

Proper maintenance of the artificial balcony garden will also be important, so that its useful life is as long as possible, regardless of the years of product warranty.

What height of the filament is the most suitable?

Our naturally artificial grass has different heights. Its filaments can range from 20 to 50 millimeters in height. Depending on where we are going to install it, short artificial grass or a longer one will be better.

High impact area:

If the grass is for a stand at a congress, a restaurant, a ceremony, or celebration (for example, a wedding), we always recommend that it be a short grass, less than 20mm, as it must withstand a lot of traffic.




fake grass for outside

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