Why Optimizely Personalization Is Necessary?

App personalization, as the name suggests is just about personalizing the app. In other words, it is an app created for a specific user. There is a misconception that all things software is always a one size fit all product. This is not true, especially with apps. There are over a million apps available on both, iPhones as well as Android platforms. And most users will not keep the app if they don't have a good experience with it.Most people want it to work well immediately. For these reasons and more, app developers are turning more and more towards app personalisation.

Where to Start

So how does one go about personalizing an app? There are several ways to start this. The first and most important step is to find out as much as possible on the consumer's needs. This is also known as data collection. Once this is done, the developer will have a good idea where to start. After that, it will be easier to get into the nitty gritty details such as behavior, context, and demographics. An example of behavior would be searching habits. If the consumer is searching for golf clubs frequently, then other golfing related products can be brought to the customer's attention.

Contextual targeting has to do with the area the customer is located. For example, if the user is checking out hotel prices in a town, then that context could also be used to bring attention to good restaurants in nearby locations. Navigation apps is an excellent example of this. Last but not least, there are demographics. In certain situations, this one can be the most important. Age, gender, ethnicity all come under the definition of demographics. After all, it's safe to say that there is no use trying to sell football gear to a girl in her early teens. So how are businesses supposed to take advantage of all this info and make it work? This is when optimizely personalization comes into the picture.

Tie it All Together

In a nutshell optimizely personalization is about putting together all of the above-mentioned tools to give a seamless, customized experience for the customer, across all platforms. With this technology, businesses will be able to give a more tailored experience for end users. It is the next step of app personalization. The beauty of this technology is that businesses will be able to track things in real time, and use information collected previously at the same time! It's all about turning data into action. This is not a new idea, but now it is possible to be armed with all the relevant information immediately, and strike while the iron is hot.
Source : artipot[dot]com

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