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Dubai city is growing rapidly and so there are many investors attracted to buy apartment in Dubai.

Dubai is considered the land of opportunity, attracting large numbers of expatriates to work and live in this desert oasis.

The lifestyle can be glamorous, but it is not cheap. Rent Apartment in Dubai city center can cost, on average, about $ 1,000 to $ 1,500. These prices can be compared to those in London, but they are 60% more expensive than you might expect to pay on average in Paris.

As expected, the price you pay will depend on the location and some people choose to change the city center for smaller urbanizations on the outskirts, where the villas are more readily available.

Before you start looking to Buy Property in Dubai, it is a good idea to reduce the search area according to where you go to work. If you are going to move there with children, you will also have to consider where your school is, since they will also have to travel at peak times.

By taking a look at the transport options you can select some neighborhoods that will allow you to travel to work without having to spend hours in traffic jams, which can be quite congested in some areas.

There are some differences in the functioning of the real estate market in Dubai when compared to other countries. If you do your homework in advance you can prepare yourself better for the process and avoid any kind of scams. If you are planning to move to Dubai for work or studies, check out this guide on rentals in the country.

How does Rent House in Dubai work?

The real estate market to buy Off-plan Property in Dubai is developing very quickly. There are many new constructions, which mean that the rental options in certain areas are quite good.

In these places, you should be able to see the available properties without worrying about being rented immediately by another person.

Even so, in some of the most prestigious neighborhoods, the market moves at breakneck rates because there are more possible interested people than available apartments. Consulting with a good agent like could help you to know a little better the course of the market in the areas you decide.

The real estate market in Dubai will most likely be different from your home country. So it is advisable to consult and avoid surprises by comparing different options and with a little research before making a decision. 









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