Why Optimizely Personalization Is Necessary?

App personalization, as the name suggests is just about personalizing the app. In other words, it is an app created for a specific user. There is a misconception that all things software is always a o

The Age of Employee Advocacy is Here to Stay.

Imagine if you could magically transform your employees, partners, and customers into proactive brand ambassadors! The truth is, magic has no part to play in making this a reality. The biggest asset a

Branding Solutions with Logo Glaze

The companies have all knowledge about their product or service, but sometimes they won't have any clue of their logos. Companies might be aware of branding and its importance but don't know how to de

Top 3 PPC Fails and Their Sure Shot Fixes

You are a bright eyed and bushy tailed site owner, all set with a line of attack for the success of your PPC campaign management. You have a killer keyword strategy, and you have also done what it tak

Google Remarketing Services

These google remarketing services helps you target your potential customers, who visited your profile previously. I addititon to this google remarketing services helps in increasing your conversion ra

How to increase YouTube views

Video has established itself together most popular way to obtain media online. With the introduction of YouTube in 2006, many have taken away to hd video hosting website to publish their content with

All About Online Advertising

What is online advertising? Till now we are much acquainted with the traditional way of marketing that used media like newspapers, television advertisements, magazines, books, pamphlets, etc. Now th