Dog Chew Sticks - For Dogs Who Love to Chew

Dog owners may sometimes grapple with the seemingly endless desire of dogs to chew on objects. Chewing is the natural behaviour of a dog, which by itself is beneficial and part of the grooming process. It is very important to let dogs chew on things when they need to. In fact, dogs must be encouraged to chew. There are no specific ages for a dog to chew, puppies chew, adult dogs chew and senior most dogs definitely love to chew.

The instinct to chew more often is higher in puppies as puppies begin to sprout new teeth they need something to gnaw on and chewing relieves the discomfort of having new teeth growing, Adult dogs chew out of boredom or because anxiety. Here is a look at the chewing habits of dogs.

Chewing rawhide chew sticks - an instinctive action

Chewing is essential for a dog's physical and mental health. Mental health is equally important for dogs as physical health. Dogs that chew regularly find a great and natural way of self-soothing that has actually passed down generations from the first domesticated dog.

According to research, nothing satisfies a dog's desire more than chewing on a bone. This habit actually helps to develop good habits, and better oral health.

For dogs that need to lose weight, or dogs that need motivation to play or dogs with anxiety, chewing can have a great calming effect, engaging the pets effectively.

Removing plaque and combating build up of tartar

Chewing stimulates concentration and improves instincts. Like humans an average adult dog gets bored very quickly, and a chew bone will entertain dogs for hours. Raw hide chew sticks help to engage dogs better by keeping his mind active, relieving stress and boredom.

A chew stick provides dental benefits; scraping away plaque and controlling tartar build up -in addition to prevent dental disease and bad breath. A dog with poor dental health will interact with lesser energy and joy.

Although chewing is necessary, it is important to control theurge of the pets to chew on objects that can be harmful to them. This is best achieved by providing them with regular chews and rewarding them with chew sticks for good behaviour. It is possible to condition a dog's behaviour through proper training.

Benefits for dog owners

Most owners treat dogs like family, letting them sleep in beds, taking them for a walk, spending time and relaxing with them or taking them to the groomer. Leaving a pet lonely at home can be stressful for both the pet and the owner. Giving them a bone to chew can keep them occupied for a great amount of time, improving behaviour and health.

Chews keep their body exercised and their minds active, it is important for dogs to engage in activities. Dogs are the smartest creatures and if they are not provide with an alternative, will probably result in finding their own chews, targeting furniture, new shoes, or literally anything within reach.
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