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An external Bookkeeping service will bring many advantages to your company. At Office Shed (, we have been providing comprehensive service from call answering service to job management software for many years to clients who have made the wise decision to outsource this department. 

Both to manage the aforementioned tasks, as well as to perform mentoring services or professionalize family businesses and adapt them to new realities. 

What are the advantages that we bring to these companies?

If you hire our Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, you convert a fixed cost (employees) into a variable expense (contract with the external advisor).

Outside professionals have a focus away from your company. Therefore, it is easier for them to contribute ideas that surely had not occurred to you, avoiding the “tunnel effect”. 

On the other hand, those who are dedicated to advising companies are aware of the real size of the problems of the company they work for. 

For an entrepreneur, his company is almost like a daughter: she will always be the best, the prettiest, and the most wonderful of all. And we all know that real problems (beware, also the opportunities for progress) look much better from the outside. The sooner they are identified, the easier and cheaper it will be to solve them.

On the other hand, the reverse case is also very common. From inside the business, problems can seem much more important than seen from the outside. An external professional outsourced admin who takes charge of the business advice of a business will be able to correctly evaluate situations, minimizing their importance if necessary. Do not hesitate: you are investing in your peace of mind.

Companies dedicated to external accounting consulting firms have highly qualified employees and also constantly train their employees, something very complicated if you hire someone internally. 

Even when you do a "super signing", if you do not constantly recycle your knowledge will become obsolete and you will not contribute anything to the company.

Pace and responsiveness: 

These are also added values ​​when considering hiring Bookkeeping Firms. Employees who assume these functions internally are often not able to identify problems (and potential improvements) at the same rate as a professional external consultant. 

It is much easier to be aware of incidents, problems, and opportunities for improvement from the outside, especially if the professional who is monitoring it works constantly (and for years) in the sector. 

Therefore, the rate of optimization of the company area is much faster and more intense if the area is managed by an external business advisory service.



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