Why Animal Testing In Laboratories Should End

There are many practices that human beings engage in that walk a line when it comes to ethics. Of all of these, animal testing tends to be the most morally grey. Although there are many scientists and specialists out there who fight in favor of being able to tests products and medicines on animals, far more people are concerned with laboratory animals issues. This is due to the fact that the animals being tested on are often kept in terrible and inhumane conditions.

While laboratory animal news might be easy to find with a quick internet search, you still might not know exactly what the problem is with the practice. Exploring some general information on the topic can give you a better understanding of the problems people are trying to end.

Uncertain Results

Many animals are tested on due to how close their genetics are to human beings. Rabbits and mice, for example, are used frequently because scientists have been able to find links between the way these mammals respond to specific chemicals and how human beings will react. While this can seem practice on paper, what most people do not realize is that these animals are being tested on in cruel ways and the results are not always what scientists anticipate.

In fact, several studies conducted by various groups suggest that more than 90 percent of animal tests deliver results that are inconclusive or not helpful for humans. This means that animals are being put through terrible conditions and killed without any useful data coming to the surface. This is one of the biggest laboratory animals issues that people are fighting over in the current day.

What Next?

A big question posed by those who support animal tests in laboratories is "what do we test on if not animals?" This can be a tough inquiry to respond to, as testing on human beings would raise even more questions of morality. While there does not seem to be a solid answer at the moment, people have been working around the planet to discover a more practical way of testing cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other products.

Human beings might be classified as animals but people differ from beasts because they have various systems of measurement for what is considered "right" and what is considered "wrong." This means it is up to people to put an end to practices that damage and destroy the other species that share the planet before it is too late. Learning more about laboratory animals issues can help to inspire you to make lasting changes.
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